Ah! Is that green grass growing?

Eh! See those green lilies,

My! Even the fruits are green,

But why everything green,

Wow! We are trying to make everything green.

I hear the wind blowing,

Bringing fresh wind from fresh leaves,

Uhmm; wow! I smell the scent of roses,

Oh my God, look!


The place is so green.

Banana plantations are green,

Maize gardens are green,

Trees in the compound are all green,

Flowers have green leaves ,

Wow! The place is looking beautiful.

There is enough food to eat everywhere,

Children are playing football, Hide and seek , and no one can find them just because everything around is green.

I hear the birds in the jungle singing,

The voices of the bird are so sweet to listen to.

Uhmm! Even the listener is humming a nice song,


  • the green world is good
  • the green great world I never imagined,
  • dreams, thoughts and tension I wondered in the
  • world full of joy ,peace and liberty
  • Everything around was green,
  • But my fear lies ahead,

The question is who is the protector of the green city?

I think we are the real protectors of that dreamland.

Charcoal burners are busy rioting that the price of charcoal is low,

Billionaires are busy constructing accommodation , resorts ,and industries not in dry areas but are bothering swamps ,fighting and suing government organizations to court,

Claiming the land ownership,

NEMA(National Environmental Management Authority.) is fighting hard with people to leave swamps and forests hand in hand with National Forestry Authority(NFA) and the Community Based Organizations(CBOs).

Industries near lakes have become murderers,

May God forgive you,

You kill innocent creatures, oh! Look! Aquatic life is crying, domestic life is perishing and human lives are at stake!

But you are busy making money and enjoying life,

You never know or realize what you are doing.

Lives are at stake!

Farmers are busy ploughing lands, season after season,

The land has lost its value, plasticity and fertility hence soil erosion.

Deforestation! Deforestation is everywhere trees are down, people are crying, babies, elders and the youth.

All want to save but where should they start from?

The government is busy,

It has not helped us,

Forests are busy catching fire, lives are being lost,

But nobody cares; we are doomed!

Aha! No! Not us; we cannot sit and watch when everything is perishing in a careless way.

No! Not we the youth, we cannot allow that to happen.

We are the real protectors of the dream city in the green world.

Ah! I hear the sound of the trumpet, the beatings of the drum and an alarm of the people who are at work.

Experts are busy sensitizing people on how to conserve and build back greener the world starting from its roots,

The government is providing people with electricity and bio gas to reduce on the use of wood.

People are sensitized on money export (earn much money from small projects) like fish rearing, zero grazing, bee keeping, piggery, horticulture and many others.

The king (Kabaka) of Buganda and the army of Uganda (UPDF-Uganda People’s Defense Force) have recently had a run about how to save the environment and wild life .

Wow! Prefects in schools are busy supervising the students in planting trees and flowers in the school compound.

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) are busy cleaning the city and picking plastic bottles for re-cycling to avoid pollution and environmental degradation.

Uhmm! The place is looking and green,

So, alert to everyone,

Let everybody be an eye witness to another,

Report where necessary or sensitize,

So let’s join hands and build the nation greener.

Plant one tree and save a life,

Plant grass and trees and save a community,

Plant forests and save the world,

Then your command will be our wish.

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