Nature is not a place to visit, it's home. Let's preserve it!


Looking at my piece, it shows how building back greener should look and what to do so as to preserve it. Most times we love moving to zoos, game parks and so on for tour yet we always carry out activities that does not promote the tourism industry. These activities include, polluting water bodies, deforestation as people look for more land for settlement, expansion of cities and towns, charcoal burning as an economic activity and construction of industires. All these destroy nature and its inhabitats. This needs a combined effort of both the government and individual members of the community to set and implement polices that will favour our environment. Some of these include;-

  • preserving wildlife by not polluting their habitats
  • Planting trees that help give oxygen and clean the air as shown on my piece.
  • Using good farming methods and not encroaching on the wetlands.
  • Informing our neighbours on what role they have to play in building back greener as reflected in the piece because some people may be ingnorant.
  • Not destroying wetlands and forests, this helps the wild animals settle in their homes.

All the above will make us and other living creatures to happily live in our environment, have favourable climate and reduce global worming.

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  • Preston Manor School sceptical_rock | Preston Manor School
    25 May 2021

    I love your art piece! Very detailed and it explains a lot. You used images to communicate!

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  • global-conversation.png honorable_lute | School College Pilote Sousse | Tunisia
    26 May 2021

    I like your drawing, it looks authentic and related to where you live maybe. This is nature in its raw state, the houses look eco friendly and the species are everywhere in the space you created. I can smell the African soil and feel the shade of trees. In fact via this hand drawing you gave me a feeling of nostalgia to the simple Green life. Again, drawing can say a lot on behalf of us, some of the things are unconscious and spontaneous. I will print this drawing and others and keep them in my room as a small souvenirs gallery of the global conversation. Thank you for this work

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    1. global convo icon.png distinguished_shrimp | Nagongera Girls Primary School | Uganda
      honorable_lute's comment 28 May 2021

      Wow! that"s nice to hear. And I think Africa will look more beautiful than it is now if we are to build back greener because today we are facing different kinds of natural disasters which is greatly affecting our environment.
      In a special way, let me take this oppotunity to thank the British council who have come up with this project and has enable us share our ideas round the globe.

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  • mollymargiotta.jpg EXPERT: Molly Margiotta, Capital Markets Trainee @ Clifford Chance
    26 May 2021

    Thank you distinguished_shrimp for your great drawing and your comments! You mention that activities carried out do not promote the tourism industry. Can you think of any examples of activities that could be carried out to promote the tourism industry whilst also contributing to helping the environment?

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    1. global convo icon.png distinguished_shrimp | Nagongera Girls Primary School | Uganda
      Molly Margiotta, Capital Markets Trainee @ Clifford Chance's comment 28 May 2021

      Thank you molly.margiotta, i think some of the activities that can promote tourism and help the environment are;-
      >Planting trees which will provide enough space (habitats) for wildlife while in the other hand helping build back nature,
      >promoting culture , several people would which to know the activities of different tribes like dressing, food, housing and many other. the african culture original has been helping the environment by using environmentally friendly items or materials like back cloth for dressing, greens as their meal, grass and mud for construction but all these do not exist any more.
      >Ceasing poaching, that is killing of wildlife , animals are part of the environment and help beautify our world, for example the Crested Crane, which is Uganda's Emblem, the Cob e.t.c.
      > We should stop dumping industrial wastes in the water bodies, they destroy the aquatic life, like the crocodiles, fish, whale and yet all these attract tourists to our country and also makes our environment secure for us to live in.
      To mention but a few

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  • global-conversation.png fairminded_night | Kisaana SS | Uganda
    26 May 2021

    For me I say that when we preserve nature people will leave a better life and as explained in the drawing above .

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    1. global convo icon.png distinguished_shrimp | Nagongera Girls Primary School | Uganda
      fairminded_night's comment 28 May 2021

      That is it fairminded night, lets hope for the better

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