Should all countries take responsibility for building back greenr

I think they should take all the responsibility building back greener is very important to our lives. they help us breathe and survive. rainforests like "the amazon rainforest" are being cut down by the minute. sure it gives us resources like paper but that doesn't change the fact that multiple governments can work together to build a better environment. my personal idea is to spot deforestation and if you have to cut down trees, build more for the future of our plants. also, they can stop the reduction of plants that are affecting wildlife, for example, pandas, chimpanzees, and other exotic creatures. hopefully, we as a club and everyone on earth can help the growth of building back greener

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    26 May 2021

    Thank you for this post, devoted_atmosphere. In future, try to add shorter entries like this as a comment to an existing post as we have already been talking about this elsewhere!

  • global-conversation.png extraordinary_bee | Kisaana SS | Uganda
    26 May 2021

    I personally propose you because the more they practice deforestation it will cause harm to people when animals move from forest they will go to people and destruct their properties but when we conserve natural forests people will not be affected by animals and we shall not be able to get things we would have not got important things like papers.

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