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Hello my friends ...

I want to talk about a bunch of reasons to treat and build an environment ....

These are the reasons and an opinion on them.

The first reason: One hand does not clap. Many governments are committed and few people are committed. There must be cooperation between peoples and governments.

For example: I, as a citizen of the people, why don't I contribute to planting trees in front of my house, and I ask the people of the neighborhood as well. Even if the governments plant trees and establish natural reserves, we have to help them, so everyone should start by himself, as the environment is everyone's responsibility.

The second reason: There are those who have the desire and many do not have the desire to cause them to be busy in the affairs of their lives.

For example, in my country: a lot of people think about himself and his family and how to manage their daily sustenance, so that they do not think about caring for the environment, and this thing only annoys me. People have become their target what they eat and what they drink.

The third reason: This is a valid reason

Because of the increasing number of people and their preoccupation with life matters only and their distance from the main danger which is climate change.

The fourth reason: This thing is for sure. Basically, if we go back, we will find that Corona is a product of climate change, so we must search for the main problem and solve it from its roots, and if climate change gets worse, we will find what is worse than Corona.

The fifth reason: These are the people who work in the interest of the planet and they always warn us (scholars)

They have all our respect. We as people and governments must support and help them because the problem of global warming has really begun and its gap increased, especially with the technological advancements that we see and live in.

Here we see the rise in water levels in the seas and oceans, the frequent earthquakes here and there, and the melting of ice.

Hand in hand, shoulder beside a small, big shoulder to save our planet from the danger that threatens it for the sake of our children and future generations..

Now there are many ways to re-make the world greener, and they are

  • The role of the government (the government needs to decide how to help the countries. It must spend the money to help nature in its return and to put in place new laws to reduce the problems of climate change. "
  • Planting trees in abundance.
  • Investing in green energy, that is, stopping the use of fuels (such as coal, oil, crude oil and natural gas, and starting to use renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy)
  • Supporting green businesses (such as: granting funds to green companies that do not harm the climate.
  • Making transportation more climate-friendly, for example making more electric cars or an environmentally friendly public transportation system.

And thanks for your reading ...

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