The impact of war on building back greener


All people think that factory fumes are the only fumes that affect the environment, but I don't agree with them on this, there are many fumes that affect the environment, such as fumes of Wars that negatively affect, This is our question for today:

How do wars affect to the environment?

We find the answer is wars affect the environment a lot, and that wars are considered fatal and deadly to the environment.

And example of the effects of wars on the environment:

1_ Wars cause the destruction of agricultural soil, which negatively affects soil fertilit.

2_It work to burn forests, trees and agricultural crops, and this work to end plant life.

3_And lead to increased pollution and increase the proportion of carbon dioxide in the air, and this affects to the humans.

4_And the emergency of global warming affecting in the earth's climate now.

5_And wars affect the water because the chemicals that kill the marine organisms in the seas and oceans.

6_And the increase in chemicals that resulted from the explosions, which is affected the presence of an imbalance in the proportion of gases in the atmosphere, and this affects animals and plants when they are moved to new places, The movement is not limited to the army and weapons, but rather they work to move animals and plants to the new places, and this affects them negatively.

8_Wars affect the infrastructure, for example, when wastewater treatment plant are sabotaged, and this will increase the pollution of environmental.

9_Also ,wars work on air and water pollution and damage natural resources, which will affect humans life, his health and lifestyle.

10_Also, nuclear weapons, since their inception until now, still pose ranger and fear because of effects that could leave in the environment during their production or testing.

So we know a new cause of environmental pollution, which is war, and at once that wars and conflicts are sake of owning large areas of the sake of owning land and seas are the same that affect the land and water and air and works to sabotage and destroy it. And destroy and lose it from our hands.

So we should make laws that prevent wars in order to preserve our environment and even work save the life of plants, animals and humans

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