What climate change has done to COVID-19 and what COVID-19 have done to climate change!

Hello everyone my name is decisive_redcurrant and this is my post on what COVID-19 has done to climate change and what climate change has done to the coronavirus

As a lot of you may know the coronavirus is a disease that has been going around the world also known as COVID-19 but the impact of COVID-19 has done in the climate change has done a lot and the impact that climate change is done to COVID-19 also in this post I’ll be explaining what they have both done to each other and the differences that they both have in common

Covid-19 to climate change

Was thinking about this post COVID-19 my opinion has done a lot of damage to climate change why well in the Houses of Parliament they declared that in October we all as a country had to stop using petrol manage cars and try and use electric cars here in the UK well because a lot of people are having reported cases of having the virus a lot of ambulances and cars I’ve been driving to hospitals and there is ambulances and cars Are powered by petrol which is polluting the air because that petrol that are steaming out of the car is polluting the air which is a part of climate change

Also The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc in countries across the globe, causing a global health crisis and forcing economies to slow down due to the strict quarantine measures. However, the outbreak has also impacted the environment in an intriguing way. As the pandemic spreads in different parts of the world, its consequences run farther than closed borders, scarce hand sanitizer, and social distancing protocols. According to BBC News they also said that COVID-19 has had a little Impact with climate change I think that we should concentrate on the coronavirus first before we are going to climate change so that we can get the problems with COVID-19 to climate change is fixed and then we can maybe go onto the page that climate change needs to be stopped and we should stop polluting our Earth and make it green again but what are your details on the coronavirus impact on climate change what do you think?

Climate change to Covid-19

According to google There is no evidence of a direct connection between climate change and the emergence or transmission of COVID-19 disease. As the disease is now well established in the human population, efforts should focus on reducing transmission and treating patients.

After researching and research in fact I really couldn’t find anything that proved that climate change has been affecting COVID-19 but what do you think about that do you think there is a reason why climate change is affecting COVID-19 or do you think that there is a reason COVID-19 is affecting climate change climate change isn’t affecting COVID-19

Thank you for listening tommy post hope you enjoyed it!!

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