Which is more important: Covid or climate change?

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Hello! I am selfassured_journalist and this post is about which is more important to deal with: Covid or climate change?

First we need to look at the facts.

About Covid:

  • Covid 19 is a virus which is thought to have originated in Wuhan, China.
  • Many people have died from it and more are diagnosed with it.
  • It is quite like flu: your temperature goes up, you get a hacking, continuous cough and things taste and smell different. However, Covid is contagious and can be deadly.
  • It started in 2019, which is where it gets it name from : Covid 19.
  • There are now vaccines. The reccomended ones are Janssen, Pfizer and Moderna.
  • Many people globally are receiving the vaccine

These are a few of the facts about Covid 19. So what about the environment?

About climate change:

  • Greenhouse gasses are gasses which keep heat enclosed in the air. This causes the temperature to rise up, meaning climate change.
  • Without greenhouse gasses, our world would be freezing and would be declared unsuitable for habitation. This means we wouldn't be able to live on the planet. However, we need to control the gas and keep the planet at a safe temperature.
  • 1 degree celsius it has risen up so 1 degree celsius it must go down. A degree may be insignificant to your daily life but you would be astonished at the amount of negative impact it has on the environment.
  • Iceburgs and glaciers are melting due to the heat in the air. This leaves many animals such as seals without homes. This also is a threat to those who fully depend on the iceburgs to provide them with sanitary water.
  • Cutting down trees makes carbon dioxide enter the air. Did you know that trees need carbon dioxide to grow? It stores it in its trunk and keeps the tree healthy. When a tree is cut down, the gas leaks into the air.
  • People are likely to find it tricky to change their lives to suit the bad changes we are burdening ourselves with. Imagine a boiling winter. Could you easily adapt to that? What about having to evacuate your home because of possible floods due to water level rising? I definetly couldn't.

Now we know a bit about the two problems. I shall compare a few of them. Covid is killing many people and if our planet is too hot or too cold we will have to leave it. I personally think although death is a sad loss and a lot of it happening all at once causes disturbances to our wellbeing, having to leave a planet where hundreds of generations have lived on and thrived on would be a bigger loss. Without the properties which make the Earth a suitable home, we would not even exist. If you disagree with me, I would be interested to hear your thoughts in the comments.

The fact that there are vaccines that work is easily a positive thought. That is why it is beaten by the fact that if glaciers and ice floes melt, animals and humans could suffer losses. If animals become extinct, a group of explorers will have to check. Embaring on a treacherous journey, they face many difficulties going and coming back. We risk loss of brave people who are determined in achievement! These people make excellent role models. About the clean water, what if an entire town is wiped out due to no clean water?

The last problems I shall mention are Covid has stopped education ( I'm afraid that I didn't put the fact up there but I thought we could look at it) and that the weather has increased by a degree. You are probably thinking that Covid is outruling the climate change in this case but remember, this tiny degree celsius is all it takes to get the problems mentioned in the last paragraph started. However, the education of young people is very, very important. Without learning, you cannot get into good colleges and without good colleges, you will find it tricky to get a job! Without a job, you have no money! Without money, you will not have food to eat! In this case, I do think Covid is the more troublesome of the two. Education changes your life!

Looking at the results, I think climate change is the more important of the two. However, not everyone will think so. What do you think?

Thanks for reading,


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  • global-conversation.png coherent_knowledge | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
    19 May 2021

    I think that climate change is more important of the two. I say this because climate change has more impact due to the effect it has on the temperature of the earth and the impact it has on both plants and animals. I like the point you made above on the fact that we need greenhouse gasses but we need to regulate the amount of greenhouse gasses we let into the atmosphere so i would like to ask how you think we could regulate it?

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    1. Manor Park logo selfassured_journalist | Manor Park Primary Academy
      coherent_knowledge's comment 20 May 2021

      Good question, coherent_knowledge! I think it's up to business and factory managers to lower the amount of greenhouse gasses but we can always help by planting trees ( to keep the air clean) and investing in green research to find ways to recycle the greenhouse gasses. Do you have any other ideas?

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  • avatar.jpg EXPERT: Chloe Storey, Paralegal @ Clifford Chance
    20 May 2021

    Thank you selfassured_journalist for this interesting comparison! Can you find any information on how the planet has reacted to less human activity in the last year? Also, do you think there are any ways we can combat climate change as we emerge from the pandemic?

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  • Bruntcliffe-logo-250x250.jpg tidy_turkey | Bruntcliffe Academy
    20 May 2021

    personally i think that climate change is worse as it has devastated the economy and will continue to do so if we do not stop it. covid 19 is horrible and needs to be stopped, but if climate change is not fixed soon then it will affect further generations. if the ice caps continue to melt then more tsunamis will occur which will destroy any coastal countries, for example Chillie. We as a community need to recognise that if we do not prioritize climate change then it will ruin the earth beyond that of covid 19.

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    1. Screenshot_20200324_165750.jpg Molly @ Topical Talk
      tidy_turkey's comment 20 May 2021

      Good reasoning tidy_turkey. Ice caps melting can contribute to rising sea levels which is definitely a problem for coastal areas! Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes occurring under the sea which is a different natural hazard!

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  • Hammond School logo sincere_atom | Hammond Junior School C
    21 May 2021

    I think climate change is more important than covid because climate change is something which will go on for quite a long time, whereas covid, like you said, already has vaccines which implies that it might disappear not long from now.

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  • Hammond School logo loyal_cymbals | Hammond Junior School C
    21 May 2021

    Hello selfassured_journalist this is a really interesting post you have done.

    Your post was about which is more important climate change or Covid

    Some people might say that Covid is more important because it is a deadly disease. At the moment it has taken many people's lives which is upsetting to hear. Lots of people will probably say that Covid is more important because it has and still is affecting people's everyday life. We have had to stop doing many things that we thought would never be take from us. Just simple things like meeting up with your friends or hugging your grandparents but during the pandemic that all had to stop. Covid has hit hard or many people some have even developed mental health issues because of it. It's still going on but luckily it is getting better. So some people might want money to be spent on lots more vaccines to help Covid die down.

    However, others may think different. Others believe that climate change is more important. Some people don't care just because it doesn't affect them but actually it's affecting every single person on this earth whether we know it is or not. Climate change is affecting this whole planet, with some countries worse than others. This is also affecting sea life and I think the people in this world need to think a little bit more about animals. Many plastic bags and rubbish are floating around the sea killing the sea life and damaging their marine habitat. Also in Antarctica due to the hot climate the ice caps have started to melt damaging polar bears and many other animals habitats. So some people might want money to be spent on helping climate change.

    My opinion is I think both are equal. Although climate change may not be a human killer it is an animal killer and is affecting our whole world.
    So in conclusion I think that they are both as important as each other.

    Thank you for reading
    By loyal_cymbals

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    1. Manor Park logo selfassured_journalist | Manor Park Primary Academy
      loyal_cymbals's comment 21 May 2021

      Thanks for commenting! You're right they're both equal .

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  • Manor Park logo selfassured_journalist | Manor Park Primary Academy
    21 May 2021

    But they could be different as there are now vaccines for Covid

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