Should Cancel Culture Be Banned?

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Cancel Culture should be banned as when someone is 'cancelled,' they are often offended and when cancelling someone, people often write rude and horrible comments about them. If someone can come across as a rude comment, it could harm people and their choices - religion, beliefs or culture. In addition to this, they could lose their friendship with their friends or family as rumours start to spread and their friends and families may not be supportive when they are having lots of pressure from others. Finally you could lose your job if employers see the accusations against you (which may be unfair or untrue) when they cancel you. his is how Cancel Culture ruins lives and does not result in justice.

Cancel culture takes away people's chances to be heard because people won't listen to them as much once they've been cancelled. Furthermore, it would put you off saying your opinion and sharing your thoughts because you'd be worried about being cancelled. This will make the future worse because people will be too scared to share their opinion or anything aboutg their lives.

Cancel culture also does not result in justice because it drags up things from the past and holds people to account for mistakes and things they did wrong when they were much younger. Some people have made one small mistake and they are then cancelled for it and I think that is unfair as people should be able to make mistakes, learn and improve.

But on the other hand, you wouldn't have cancel culture unless you have done something wrong or offensive and therefore it could be said that those people deserve it. Furthermore, it is good that people are held accountable for things they've said which are horrible.

In conclusion, I think cancel culture is guilty and should be banned.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    13 Jul 2021

    A great Final Piece with clear explanations for your reasons. Well done!

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