Sorry can you hear me? Am I speaking gibberish?Or is the microphone not turned on?

Do you care about your children, your planet or the future?Well I guess you don't if you're not doing anything about climate change!You're letting temperatures rise and allowing ice to melt;you want hurricanes to become stronger?Well that's your choice but it won't just effect you it will effect everyone: friends,family,animals,pets,nature= the planet.

Climate change is important to me because I want to protect our planet, I also love animals and wouldn't want them to die.Some politicians aren't even listening to this when they wont be alive to witness it themselves!I would sacrifse eating meat; the only meat I like is chicken and I would be willing to sacrifise it since there are lots of vegetarian alternatives replacacing it. If you don't want to sacrifise meat you could start turning your light off more regularly after all you can use candels as a light source.

Maybe you put butter on your toast everyday at home; it might be tasty but it wouldn't be good for the enviroment sice it is using cows.You might drive a car to school everyday which would cause pollution.Lets fight together against climate change!

Thank you for reading my final piece I hope you learned something new!