Are Politics Doing Enough?


Are Politics Doing Enough?

Politics say they're trying their best and co-operating with other countries, but are they living up to those spoken words?

Once spoken, it must be done. We rely on them to change our world because in 12 years, this world could possibly end! So we need the truth, not fibs! Are they also acting quickly as they can? Are they doing enough for schools? Are they doing for their nation? But most importantly, are they doing enough for us?

So should we rely on them or give up on them?

Tell me what you think below!

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  • Arnhem-Wharf-logo-250x250.jpg quiet_horse | Arnhem Wharf Primary School
    06 Jul 2019

    I think you should always have hope. You should always have hope even in the darkest of times when there is no possibility that this would work. I think that the world leaders are not doing enough too. But then I saw in a different perspective. I looked at th leaders perspective and thought about how much work they have and how they are being pressured a lot to do the right thing. And besides, it's not up to the leaders to help, it's ip to is to save our planet. Be like Greta and make the world better! (Lol that rhymes). Greta didn't need to wait for the leaders to take action, she took the action herself and that got everyone moving. Everyone was sitting there waiting. But now people are following Greta big bold master plan and there has been a lot more notice around the world.

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    1. St-Josephs-Northfleet-logo-250x250.jpg fairminded_sealion | St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Northfleet
      quiet_horse's comment 08 Jul 2019

      Fantastic comment! That just left me speechless at halfway through reading!

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