Bees are very important in our lifeline. They can help us breathe by pollinating trees and plants. What if bees didn't exist ? Well..., too sum things up our world probably wouldn't really exist. Ever wondered what animals existed during the Dinosaurs? WELL,definately bees. Unfortunatley, now there is a shortage of them due to climate change,deforestation and global warming which , makes thier planet unhabitable.

Fun fact: We could eat honey from 65 millon yrs ago!

What to do:

-Bees like light ,try and install one in your garden etc.

-Try and make bee homes so they can rest (don't forget to change the water).

-Avoid making anti bee sprays we urgently need them especially now because of climate change.

-Also, winter is approaching (a cold one) so now is not the season of bees so make bee homes. (step 2)

I hope you have read this but hey ! I've only just started and this is my 1st day. Thank you for reading and I hope you will follow my instructions in future!


persistent effort

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