Todays post is going to be a bit different. It is going to be for all the teachers, BNC team and pupils who have particpiated.

Before I start I would like to give a great thanks to my Pupil Voice Lead and teacher at BNC, Frances. She has encouraged me so much to live and to learn. I smile when I hear about all the good things she has done. I think she really deserves the BNC teacher sward and she should be known for the future.

I now would like to thank Olivia, Tiff and the rest of the BNC team. Without any of you Burnet news club would not feel like home. I hope yuo send this message to everyone and I am sure everyone else feels this aswell


I would like to give many credits to Busy_Song for reaching 50 stars, as of today. He/she is a great role model and is very inpsiring. I would also like to thank impartial_panda_bear because of the amazing video her and the rest of the BNC team made. she has now got 30 stars. Now, I would like to talk about quiet_horse she is a one of the best pupils and is very very very very smart. She is really lucky to be going to Buckingham Palace and deserves it aswell. Make sure you mention me!




Frances Stephens



And the BNC team!

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