Climate Change

Climate Change is a difference in regional or global patterns this could be when atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels. Human actions from polutin to over population is rising the earth temperatures and fundermentally making an impact on the world.

The main causes on climate change is greenhouse gases some these gases produce carbone dioxide,methane and nitrous oxide these are the greenhouse gases.This can be good when it absorbs some of the suns rays/heat that are produced if this didn`t happen then our Earth would be on average -18 celsius this would make the Earth inhabitable that is why greenhouse gases can be good but humans are taking advantage of it and are making to much of it.

We can reduce it if we work to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy like solar and wind that don`t prouduce greenhouse gas emission we might be able to prevent some of these bad things for example (the worst) the end of the world.

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