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Industry Emission

I think that we should reduce industry emissisons so instead of building new houses we can repair houses that have been damaged a bit. This is important to me because if we use materials that we need just for building houses we might need them later.

The government should save most of the materials and build less.We coud also change carbon dioxide into something useful. If everyone did this and the government listens there will be a lot less emissions and if we need to use things to build we can use a litte bit at a time just like when you save your money and use a little bit. We should start campaigning about industry emission andd if we convince people that this is good way to solve emissions maybe the government might listen.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    17 Jul 2019

    New build houses tend to be more efficient. For example, they loose less heat. How might this be an argument for building new houses rather than repairing old ones?

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