Climate change campaign


I beleive that if people stop using electricity at home it would help the world. You should only use it when needed and if you do the world would be a better place. If not the temputure will increase even more and people wouldn't want to go out. Also if you don't go out you would be lazy. Your kids may follow your footstep's scince your parents teach you what to do. If this does not stop theworld would be a worse place for the future generation. Maybe you could not use light in the morning but use it in the afternoon. That would be more helpful for everyone and people wont have to worry about it being to hot and there may not be events like football and swimming because it would be very warm and nobody wants to go out in that weather. There might be alot of people just using the internet more which if you just stopped for 1 day that would be helpful. You could go to the park and play there.

I strongly belive that if you were to exercise more often and not use electricity it would be better foor the world. You should maybe use a scooter or a bike other then going in a car and using petrol. You could stop travelling alot maybe you could every 2 years but if you do it every year carbon emissions will go up alot. You could try stop eating chicken and food like that to help so the world can be a better place. You may want to not shop to much if you already have alot of clothes and stuff. People should really stop because we dont have another planet. You could maybe stop using too much plastic or you could stop throwing plastic in the wrong places. You could try joining a campaign so the leaders can hear you and help with climate change. You shouldn't waste food because that wont be good for climate change try to eat food with no meat and you could try growing your own food. You should recycle to help change the world. Imagine the world in 100 years it would be terrible to live in and people would blame the people in the past. Also your great grandchildren wouldnt like the world and would you want that to happen?

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