Climate Change (Part 2) - What are the causes of this?

What is climate change is caused by?


We may have discussed this is in my previous post, such as smoke causing this major problem, but there are still other causes. Many causes, such as the dead carcass of animals, polluted water, etc. But the greatest and worst of all is... us. The coutries, water and people.

Why are countries on the list?

Countries are on the list because smoke is found there, grimy water is found there, exposed waste dumps are found there and loads more. Countries, such as India and China, are barely doing anything and producing more pollution and Co2 instead of producing more work to clean up and actually put an effort in what they're doing, because they're just mostly taking from what they have. Factory activity in countries such as America emit 70% more of gas each year. Moving back to China and India, their rivers are full of waste and apalling waste, which the poor have to drink from.

Why do we still continue this?

This problem still continues because some people won't care to listen and help clean our environment. They don't do this because sometimes people don't have the time or they're too busy. Don't worry, we could still somehow persuade them maybe because everyone, includng me, is trying to have a better world that's been imprisoned in the realm of fantasies; a world, where we have cleaner ar and much renewable and sustainable energy, where it's perfect and beautiful.

So how can we reduce climate change?

Luckily for us, we have a resolution that will take time but will still work. We can reduce it by reducing the amount of activity time in factories and decrease the production of gas by 30 - 40%. Electrical car salesmen should reduce the prices so it's more affordable and less smoke in our world. We should place bins near the seas because some people lack motivation to do so and throw it away in the appropriate place because it's more distant. Oil mines should be reduced on activity because if oil leaks out onto sea, more of our fabulous aquatic creatures will be pushed closer to extinction, and we shouldn't hunt too much, because as soon as the animal is killed, t will release carbon dioxide, like exposed dumps. That's what we should do to make climate change vanish slowly... As if it weren't there before.

Still interested? Then check out part 3, which is going to come out soon!

Regards, Fairminded_Sealion - #ReduceClimateChange