Climate Change (Part 3) - A Poem to Symbolise What WE Have Done


How it is in the present day,

How the moon shines in its same crescent way,

How the sun radiates its own unique light,

But the Earth ,from now and then, is such a different sight.

The Earth was such a greener world,

Of how it was as clean as a polished sword,

Of how the Earth once beamed,

But it's future of scars is soon to be permanently seamed.

The moon and sun are still in the same bit,

Time and space still seem to be an endless pit,

But what no one can hear

Earth's desperate and sorrow tear.

We've scarred this beautiful Earth of life,

Putting us in strife,

Because of contaminated pollution,

Fortunately, there's a resolution.

We have scarred our beautiful world and it is impossible, now, to stop pollution and industrial works. Our world has been abused for a very long time, covering it with dead life and pollution. Its clouds are now smoke, the majority of the atmosphere is space junk and the land is mostly just buildings and remote waste areas. Our Earth is a place for our wellbeing and sanctuary, so we must take care of it in return and for our benefit. I mean, without this place, we would be nothing but dust. What we can do is work together and clean up our mess, and reduce factory activity. From this, we could make a start. I would like to end this sequel with a word that will symbolise and summarise every post from now on.

The word for today's post is:


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