Climate Change: The world is in our hands.

Hello, thank you for choosing to read my post. People can talk all they like about climate change, people will agree, then two days later forget what danger the world is in. The world is struggling, its fallen, and its our responsibility to help it back up again. The bushfires in Australia have caused many deaths of animals, loss of loved ones and leaving people homeless, waiting and waiting for the horrible heat to go down. We need to save our planet! This is our world and we need to stop this! We need to do it before it's too late. This is the world that we are passing down for many more generations, do you want the future children to not know what trees are and have never breathed in fresh air? No, so we need to take action.

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  • St Lukes logo good_assumption | St. Luke's C of E Primary School
    04 Feb 2020

    Climate change Is a colossal problem, the worlds in our hands and plastic,petrol,coal and lots more. In eight and a half years we might not be alive because it happens so quickly and that is scientifically proven.

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