Climate change version of D-Day


+)Vote for a Government, like the Green Party in the UK, who will definitely do a lot to fight against climate change.

We can be sure that the government will do A LOT for the fight.


+)start a pass system for secondary school to university students aged 11-25, which gives them a discount on public transport on a national level.

+) Singapore has a unique private vehicle usage system, based on your day of birth. If you were born on an odd number day you can only drive on odd number days and vice versa for even number days. They also have a very complex parking system which I can't explain.

The Youth will naturally feel inclined to use alternatives to private transport, this will occur at a young age, hence keeping it a habit for the lifetime.


+)Decrease the amount of waste you send to be recycled in other countries or pay for building the recycling centers there.

+) Increase local recycling.

These will decrease landfill sizes, keeps it cheap, creates jobs, leaves a good impression and decrease gas released into the atmosphere.


+) Make a law that tells you to plant ten trees for every one you cut.

Replaces the trees that have been cut down for decades and keep the message alive.

+) Buildings are being designed to have trees grown on them, these are called garden skyscrapers. Best example is Bosco Verticale, Milan, Italy.

These also give a stress reduced and beautiful atmosphere to the people,

making them prefer to not damage the Earth.


+) Decrease your non-veg consumption by making a special tax for meat and fish.

People will feel naturally more inclined to decrease the amount of meat they buy,

decreasing the methane released form animal husbandry.

+) Buy fish from fish farmers.

We will know that the fish population has a safe number.


+)Any future electricity power stations installed should be only of renewable energy.

+) Make non-renewable energy more expensive.

These will make people feel more inclined to have renewable energy as the preferred option,

maybe decreasing the non-renewable sector as well.

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