Climate Change - Why do we continue to be under its reign?


What is Climate Change? 12/06/19

Climate change is one of the largest problems worldwide, that has been pestering us for a lengthy amount of time. This is because it can cause droughts, floods, heavy rain, melting ice in the North and South Pole and make it more likely to cause hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters assosciated with the sky.

What Has Climate Change Done To Us?

Climate change has caused suffering worldwide. Most countries in Africa have now been slaved under the rule of droughts each year and has caused large chunks of ice, falling from glaciers of the coldest countries and especially from the North and South Pole. This problem has forced the polar animals to have tighter inhabitants, which may cause some of the penguin or Arctic squirrels to go to the brink of extinction and die out because of its natural predators, such as the polar bear. Moving on, droughts in Africa can cause the population to decrease with dramatic results. Heavy rain is another annoyance created by climate change and one of the worst. People will have to stay inside if a great flood is brought into existence.

The Dangers of a Flood:

  • People may drown if they don't know how to swim and/or it's too deep.
  • The pressure of the water may break through your door, letting the water in.
  • Foundations and other buildings may lose some supports, etc.

What Causes Climate Change?

Mainly pollution causes climate change. Smoke comes from factories, exhaust pipes and lots more that produce smoke. Of course, you may think that cigars and cigarretes won't affect the atmosphere, but cmbine millions of cigars and cigarettes that are being smoked right now. Now that is a lot of smoke. Now mostly pollution and smoke are made up of Co2, otherwise known as carbon dioxide.Think about all the waste exposed to the air at garbage dumps/disposals, releasing that Co2 and letting it fly off, and breathing the now polluted air. Imagine how many times you breathed that polluted air.

If you want to help reduce climate change, then read more in Part 2, which is bound to come soon!

Regards, Fairminded_Sealion

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