Deforestation-Both sides of the argument

Deforestation is good

Chopping or cutting down the trees may seem good to particular people in some cases. People think that when cutting down trees, we will be able to save the planet. Climate change is a huge issue and cannot be tackled alone so we need everyone to get involved. By chopping trees, we will be able to make flyers, posters and banners to get the world to support everyone and save this planet. Some people may say that this is the opposite I saving the planet as deforestation is one of the causes. But, it only takes one tree to makes16.67 reams of copy paper, or 8,333.3 sheets. One ream (500 sheets) uses 6 percent of a tree So it isn't using that many trees to get the world involved.

Deforestation is bad

Chopping/cutting down trees is a bad thing because it is one of the greatest issues in climate change. Burning or cutting down trees reverses the effects of carbon sequestration and releases greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere. Furthermore, deforestation changes the landscape and reflectivity of earth's surface, i.e. decreasing albedo. Deforestation also reducea the oxygen we have. Trees breathe co2 and breathe out oxygen. We breathe oxygen but breath our Co2. It goes in a cycle.

My opinion

My opinion on deforestation is tht it is a cruel, selfish and horrible thing to do. I understand that people will need paper and other resources but first we need to start recycling. Recycling allows old paper to be made into fresh, clean and new paper without cutting any extra trees. Deforestation is a harm to this planet.

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  • Arnhem-Wharf-logo-250x250.jpg persistent_effort | Arnhem Wharf Primary School
    19 Sep 2019

    Deforestation is in fact very important . But we humans don't realise our mistake. We go,throw out trash without even knowing how much harm we are doing to the environment.

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