Do We All Have A Responsibility To Care For Planet Earth?


Do we have a responsibility to care for Planet Earth?

It's possibly something many, if not everyone, will think about.

Our planet is being covered with landfills of plastic. This has a devastating effect on our marine animals.

We should have a responsibility...

because our planet is our planet. In order to protect ourselves, let alone the planet, we need to get rid of plastic pollution. It is dangerous for both our health, and our sea-creatures. We fear that we shall never see the likes of the blue whale or any other currently endangered species. Not only marine animals are being affected. Sea Birds too.

I doubt you want to be the person who, just because you don't choose (or can't be bothered to) recycle your water-bottles or straws, ends up killing one of the most beautiful creatures in this universe. By the way, every day, 8,000,000 pieces of plastic pollution makes its way to our oceans, and others to landfills.

You might, however...

think (this is how I imagine lazy people who can't be bothered to recycle say; they might try to reason with themselves), "Well, there are about 4 million people already recycling on this planet, and I'm just 1 person. 1 is nothing compared to 4 million. It doesn't really matter, does it? And anyway, there are many vets in the world... But away from that, marine animals (or sea birds - whatever eats these plastics) still have a 40, 45% chance of living... Maybe. There are millions of these marine animals in our opceans and plenty are beautiful, so I'm sure we won't miss just a few! Also, once I'm gone from this world, all the rubbish and plastic won't affect me"

The above is a complation of reasons and ideas people might have if they want to make an excuse for not recycling. Unfortunately, there really are people who think like this...

So, even though plastic has been on our Earth for only maybe 60-70 years, look how much damage has been done. If we don't put a stop to this right now, who knows how bad it will turn out in 100 years time.

Maybe there will be only very few blue areas and certainly only a tiny amount of sea creatures roaming around freely.

I think something quite interestic to think about is that only 1% of marine litter is found floating on the sea. Only 1% is all we see, and we think that's bad. The rest sink down, deep, deep down to the bottom, where poor little creatures of the sea eat them, mistaking it for something delicious that will end their hunger; food.

What we see is only the tip of the incredibly large iceberg.

What we need to remember is that we do not own this world, and that it is not only ours.

We share it with many other people and animals, too.

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