Electric or normal cars?

Electric cars are just starting to come into our every day life. However, to make electricity we need to burn fossil fuels. "Fossil fuels are often referred to as a type of negative, polluting, environmentally damaging energy. Currently, fossil fuels are the most widely used energy source in the world." But normal cars also pollute our planet. So... Which is better?

I'm for electric cars!

Electric cars are brilliant. Yes, we may need to use fossil fuels, but other cars use a similar amount of petrol. It doesn't have to be fossil fuels used, to make electricity we can also use other things. "Generating stations can use wind, coal, natural gas, or water." Electric cars save us from breathing in bad air - even if it may damage our planet a tiny bit, the fumes won't be coming to us for a little while. Better at the generating stations than over here. Electric cars should be more common, for people can't get around lots of the time of they are hurt or elderly. But with electric cars, we can harm us and the planet less even if a small amount of fossil fuels are being burnt. We CAN get round the problem of fossil fuels too!!! We can use other energy sources and our problem is solved!!

No, normal cars are better.

Electric cars pollute our planet, maybe not when driving, but where the electricity is made. We know pollution is a problem, but all the bad air was somewhere only a few people were aware of, then we wouldn't be able to protest and do something for our planet. People have the right to choose which car they want - someone who uses a car lots may want a normal car as it is easier to get fuels for. We need to know how to get round air pollution, not find a way to get through it AND leave its own scar behind. Electric cars don't solve the problem, they have their own, and aren't that practical for long journeys. "Most electric cars could not go over 100 miles on a charge" whereas the cars that we're used to "can do hundreds of miles, depending on the car" .

My opinion.

Personally, whatever little things we do for the environment make a big difference, and although electric cars aren't perfect and all that practical, they do make a difference. Especially when powered by wind or the Sun, electricity can do is a favour. However, I also believe that people who really need a reliable car should be able to get one. Electric cars might be part of a big plan to make up for some of the damage we've done.