Final piece climate change

My idea for how to get through to the government is......

To make a presentation where I go through the path of my life but if we do nothing about climate change.

I think that this will be sucsessful because if i tell it like a childrens story it will almost seem patronising and so make them feel that they are acting like the children and that the protesters whom they are critisising are just trying to bring them back to reality.

My story would start like this.

The sun was beaming down at the the people cowering in the shadows,the only people left on Earth 1. The wrecks of Westminster stood still sadend by the events of 2021. The remains of the signs once held by the valiant protesters slumped against the ruins , if they had lived to tell the tale that they would be proud that they finally got through the barriers. The last shuttle took off a meer 2hours ago and so the mood was dim unlike the sunlight.