Global Warming


Global Warming

Its not a new subject. As a fact, climate scientists (scientists who study the climate system) have been reasearching since 1965. On the 5th of November - of that year- , they summerized the risks that rising carbon pollution could have on the planet. They warned the president, but he (knowing what the world is like now) didn’t stop it.


What’s Happening

Our transport -including planes cars and buses- can effect what’s happening to our earth . Planes can be the biggest problem, the gas that is used and is coming out of it can pollute the air. This means that birds cannot breathe as clean air as we do. Cars and buses, things that drive on the road, still can pollute the air, but eventually, most of it leads to the sky. This is a big problem, escpecially due to the fact that most of our food supplies come orederd on transport like this. Factories can have a huge effect on earth too. If you look around you, what sort of things came from factories. Mostly all of them. The factories can pump out smoke which pollutes the air. This is noticeable, the horrible smell that you notice whenever going near a factory, that’s the smoke.Next, Plastic. Lots of Plastic is being littered everywhere. I have noticed some Plastic around where I live (I obviously put it away) and it’s a really big deal. Lots of people are supporting Turtles, as the ocean- where they live- is filled with plastic. But really, it’s all the animals that are in danger.

  • Dolphins : lots of Plastic is being thrown into the ocean, and the baby dolphins cant survive. This is due to the mother dolphins milk. It becomes so toxic that their children can’t survive of it. This is very concerning, as the dolphins population could lower very slightly, which would lead to horrible results.
  • Turtles : there are two reasons this poor animal suffers from. The first reason is the plastic. It gets caught on the necks, fins and nose which makes them suffer extreme pain. The second reason is light pollution. This includes house, street lamps and cars. The mother turtles will lay their eggs where that were born, leaving their babies to find their way into the ocean. Although cars, lamps and other objects that give out light, can confuse them in finding their way. This leads them to roads and streets which can be very dangerous.


Scientists think that if the earth as a whole rises by 2 degrees, it will be enough to melt the ice caps (North Pole and South Pole). This will not only wipe out polar bears and penquin, but will cause global flooding. Polar bears themselves are having trouble living, and their not close to having no home

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All these ideas are very serious, and could possibly happen. If they don’t,these are ways to slow it down.

-stop using straws completely

-pick up litter around your neighbour hood

-switch off all electronically items when finished

-switch off the lights and open the windows, to get natural light

-buy reusable bags

-try and use LED lights

-do board games to keep you entertained instead of electronics -and finally, ride the bike or walk to school

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