Global Warming: don't throw away - there is not away.


As you will already know, Global Warming is a huge thing currently. People are protesting against the goverment, striking at school and trying to do something about this crisis. Below are some of the causes of this global pollution, and whether and how it can be solved. Please add your comments and ideas below.

Carbon Emmissions

You may have heard that, recently, the UK has gone it's first week since the 1880's without burning coal for elictricity. This does not include cars. Also, the goverment have said that by 2025, petrol/diesel powered cars will not be sold anymore. The thing is though; is that too late? We have 12 years until the pollution gets to a state where we cannot reverse it. Have you seen a big difference on Global Warming? Are the goverment acting enough?

Carbon emmisions can be stopped but that's up to the people in power. Or, it will be the power of the people. Reducing carbon emissions can be done in lots of ways, but some can be difficult. Not everyone can nip down to the car shop and buy an electric car after all! If you live near your school, why not walk or cycle. Even if it's a cold wet day, it's nice to feel you're doing you part for the world. If you don't live near you school, try catching a local bus. Or if you're going out for the day, catch a bus. Because soon we won't have lovely, calm days that feel just right. It'll be sun or snow.


Burning or cutting down trees reverses the effects of carbon dioxide bieng removed from the atmostphere and so releases greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide!) into the atmostphere. It also distroys habitats and kills animals, which, in the long term, will eventually kill humans. Around 200,00 acres of the Amazon rainforest are burned everyday (thats around 150 acres a minute!).

I personally believe that deforestation can be solved. People can buy recycled paper or re-usable coffee cups. Although trees will still be cut down, if everyone does something, there will be no reason to cut down trees. Also, when you can, recycle things you know can be recyled rather than just chucking it in a bin, thinking "Oh, come on, it's only one thing, it doesn't matter!"


I guess you could say landfill isn't always a problem in itself, it's more how the junk gets there. This is one thing that you can help with yourself. 55% of the rubbish created in the U.S only gets put to landfill. Not only is this a collosal amount of waste, just think of (1) the amount of that that could've been recycled (2) the amount of carbon emissions used to transport it, and finally (3) how much carbon dioxide emissions are released from the landfill itself.

Lanfill is already well on its way, and i hate to say it but we cannot just whisk rubbish off our oceans, land and rivers. However, we can reduce it by recycling as much as we can and not littering.

Ocean Pollution

Ocean pollution is killing sea life as we speak. 100,00 marine creatures are killed a year by plastic pollution in our seas. As well as that, 1 million sea birds are also killed. And, as an author (Linda Newbury) once told me, "We need a few fish in these seas!" At the rate we, as the human race, are going about plastic, there will be more plastic that sea life in the oceans.

I think ocean pollution can be stopped. We need to be more careful about where we put our rubbish and how we dispose of it.

Thank you for reading my post, I hope you can join me in “making the world great again!” And, although I may’ve said already, I think the power of the people will be much more effective than the people in power.

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