Did you know that places like Antartica are melting. Scientists believe that if global warming continues like it is all the ice in Antartica will have melted by 2022. This will impact on things like polar bears, penguins and seals.

On the other hand in places like Africa and Asia it is too hot. In 2018 Azerbaijan created the hottest day in history reaching 53.4 degrees. Some peole say that in some part Africa the only source of water is from the river Nile.

In the Amazon people are cutting down trees and plants. this can also endanger animals like Jaguars, Cheetahs,Tigers and Lions. Deforestation is one of the most common suspect impacting on global warming.

Did you know that planes are the main suspects for realeasing greenhouse gases.

One thing that can slow global warming down is recycling. Recycling is a way of using plastics again.

I believe every one should recycle and save our earth.

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