Help the enviorment!

  • Help the enviorment!, If we do not start making actions to save our surrounding area then we can suffer. I mean, think of the homeless and the innocents. Pollution can get into our body and tear us from the inside-out, we must act quickly or our poor land will be decimated and vaporised. Help me and help others save our HUMANITY!!!!
  • As i said in the first point, we must save humanity, homeless, innocents and last but not last our enviorment. Nearly everyday our surrounding area is getting harmed by the oppresors and those who do not think like they should, Help your enviorment NOW!!!!! or you will suffer from severe desieses and you will regret not saving the area you live in.
  • Everyday 700,800,000,000 fossil fuels are used in factories which creates damaging illness which can cuase you to not live long as long as you think you should, Now this would be an unhappy event. Lives is what we must SAVE!, help me save humanity.