How can we help the Earth ?

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Today, global warming is a great issue. We need to help Earth before Antarctica and the Arctic melt. If we do not, all of the ice on Earth will melt and we could have serious floods in which people will die! Here are some ways we can stop global warming. Firstly, we should stop using petrol and diesel cars. Instead , we could use other alternatives to power our vehicles. Here are some examples. Electricity: electric cars do not emit anything so they are not harmful to our lungs. Also, solar power and wind will never run out so we can charge cars forever! Another alternative could be hydrogen. These vehicles will only emit water vapour and will not cause harmful problems to our lungs.

Secondly, a way to help Earth and our bodies is to stop factories. These buildings let out huge amounts of smoke which pollutes the air making it unhealthy to breathe in. This could cause serious lung problems, cancer or even death! We need to stop factories now or to many people could die! Another idea to stop pollution is to stop smoking . For some unknown reason, many adults are addicted to cigaretts. This is very bad because they are destroying their organs and risking the event of cancer or death.

Summarising all of these points , I conclude that we need to stop smoking, factories and diesel and petrol cars or else global warming will continue and our lives will be unhealthy and sad.

P.S- If any of you are reading this post , be sure to let your parents/guardians know about this info so more people can help.

Kind Regards, miraculous badger.

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  • St-Gregorys-logo-250x250.jpg gracious_road | St Gregory's Catholic Primary School B| United Kingdom
    13 Dec 2019

    we should save the earth by not throwing plastic or stuff like that in the sea and we could save the animals because the animals would get tangled in the plastic and they would die.

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  • Halsnead logo committed_music | Halsnead Primary School
    14 Jan 2020

    If we want to save the world instead of use more polition we should try to stop people smoking cigarettes and littering stuff instead of putting it in the bin or recycle it

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  • Halsnead logo committed_music | Halsnead Primary School
    14 Jan 2020

    Pollution will end the world at a fast pace

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  • Halsnead logo amiable_panther | Halsnead Primary School
    23 Jan 2020


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  • Lyons Hall Primary School reliable_fig | Lyons Hall Primary School B
    27 Jan 2020

    Ways to reudce climate change
    I believe that it is important to get people talking and thinking about it to raise awareness this could happen by,Educateing people at school by doing lessons on climate change like writing a newspaper about climate change and ways to stop it
    Watch TV shows about climate change like David Attenboroughs ones(or design your own)
    I also think it is important as us individual people to reduce our plastics in ways like this: Change your plastic straws to cardboard ones (I know they're hard to drink out of though), change your toothbrush to a bamboo one (you can get these in Sainsbury's or the Natural Way) there are some many different things you can change!
    Instead of using a plastic bag to put fruit and veg in at supermarkets you can buy a reusable mesh one like Sainsbury's and Lidl are selling (Sainsbury's aren't using those plastic bags anymore) you can use these in any supermarket!
    Reuse your bags for life!
    It is also important to help at home or outside you can do this by:
    Puting solar panels on your roof
    Instead of driving to school or different places that are in walking distance,you can walk there
    Go on monthly trips/school trips to places like the beach or somewhere that has lots of litter that needs picking up,to help the world.
    If everyone was to do this then the world would be a much better place.

    Thanks for reading


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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      reliable_fig's comment 27 Jan 2020

      Well done for giving so many ideas - you're speaking up for the Earth!

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  • global-conversation.png decisive_song | Good Shepherd Minor Secondary School | Kenya
    25 Apr 2020

    We can help the earth by being creative most of us use plastic bags so you know plastic bags stay for along time without dissolve in the soil so if we should use the bag again and after use I say that we should dispose it properly as I have see in some part of world they have chemical that they use it to dispose plastic bags as you know they produce corrosive fumes that damage the ozone layer thus producing acid rain and those fumes it can destroy the layer and if the layer is destroyed the earth is in great danger so guys if we will be responsible enough we can save our mother home by creating ways of disposing plastics and by avoiding using plastic bags and use alternatives of plastic bags .WE CAN SAVE EARTH BY STOP USING OF PLASTIC BAGS

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  • Cheam Common logo glorious_solution | Cheam Common Junior Academy | United Kingdom
    22 Oct 2020

    i completely agree as some scientists thought it was related to COVID-19 and its melting the icecaps. what about the polar bears!

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  • global-conversation.png diplomatic_brain | Ras Beirut Secondary Public School | Lebanon
    16 Apr 2021

    How can we help save the environment, I believe that it is important to talk about saving the environment and raising awareness. There are many ways to help save the environment like:
    * Use electric cars instead of gasoline ones.
    * Use solar panels.
    * Reduce plastic material and use paper or metal instead.
    * Use cloth material instead of plastic.
    * Plant trees.
    * Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
    * Bike, walk or use public transportation.
    * Use long-lasting light bulbs.
    * Use eco-friendly products.
    * Stop smoking.
    * Keep beaches clean from wastes.

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  • global-conversation.png comfortable_wildcat | Ras Beirut Secondary Public School | Lebanon
    22 Apr 2021

    Public awareness is important for this issue. We should start from kids to teens then adults and elderly. Including this topic in the schools curriculum is one idea, another is including media campaigns in public awareness. We should also start from ourselves and our surroundings.

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  • Cheam Park logo composed_chocolate | Cheam Park Farm Primary | United Kingdom
    20 May 2021

    We know that the future of this world is in our hands. We should stop being careless with our planet and actually start to do something to help. We can: Throw away or recycle litter and not just toss it anywhere, try to use less cars so there will be less pollution, maybe try to cycle more if you can (although if you need to use a car you can). It would be a lot healthier if the number of fossil fuels across the world dropped and also the carbon dioxide levels to drop. Plastic is also a big threat to the planet. Animals can get stuck in it, it often changes to micro-plastics, it goes into oceans and does a lot of damage. I truly believe that shops should try to use a lot less plastic or at least make the plastic products to be 100% recyclable. Climate change is not a joke. It's actually happening and it won't stop unless we do something about it. Even if we start off with something small, it will make a big difference.

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  • Cyfarthfa Park Primary logo talkative_cello | Cyfarthfa Park Primary A | United Kingdom
    27 May 2021

    I think we should help the world by stop throwing rubbish on the floor, like (Cans,plastic,crisp packets etc...) It would be amazing if people stopped throwing rubbish. But before Covid 19 some ponds have been filled up with rubbish but through lock down there has been less rubbish so I think Covid was good for staying in because there is less rubbish around the place .

    The question is now- With restrictions lifting, how do we maintain this standard?

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  • Cyfarthfa Park Primary logo miraculous_saxophone | Cyfarthfa Park Primary A | United Kingdom
    27 May 2021

    I think that we should stop throwing rubbish around on the floor ( cans, crisp packet, etc... ). We are damaging our earth, we are damaging our environment. Through covid - 19 we have had a better planet and the water in ponds have been more clear because we haven't been going out as much, but now that people have been going out the bins are piling up in and it is getting warmer. If we can not throw out rubbish in the bin and not on the floor, we will have a better earth.

    Don't you want our planet clean and healthy?

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  • global-conversation.png playful_lute | Kisaana SS | Uganda
    27 May 2021

    I want to save the world but it is a bit difficult to save it alone instead you should help me scatter this information if you don't the world is in danger. Encourage people in your areas to practice activities that help in building back greener if we don't, the world is in great danger .

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  • British Council.jpg splendid_fruit | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    30 Sep 2021

    When we protect the planet Earth, we will also protect ourselves. We will imagine that the Earth is a little girl that we love, and we have to take care of it, for example, to raise awareness of people by organizing meetings and telling them real stories of the negative results. Using cars because they pollute the air. I will suggest that we all ride in a big bus in order to reduce pollution and also use renewable energy more because of its many advantages. We will solve the problem of throwing garbage on the ground by making large containers and placing people next to them instructing people to put them in the container and the land likes to beautify With trees, so we will plant a lot of trees and also conduct voluntary campaigns to clean the streets. If we do this, we will preserve the planet as we preserve our child.

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