Inventions used to stop climate change


From toothpaste pills to eco six pack rings.these are some inventions that can stop pollution and/or save the north and south poles.

Toothpaste pills:

Toothpaste pills are pills that clean your teeth,but it still means that you have to use a toothbrush otherwise you will still get a layer of plaque growing on your teeth.This reduces the need for plastic and can stop pollution without having to look three times at it.

Edible packaging for water:

You may have heard of edible water bottles or even seen them on YouTube or any social media sites where people make them to encourage others to make them as too.These are edible water bottles,the reason they are made is because they don’t use up plastic or metal of any sort.This means no plastic or metal that can poison sea creatures or even cause greenhouse gas.

Edible cutlery:

Made out of any food that is rare to be allergic to and you are able to eat it after you eat your meal.I thought that when some of them are made out of chocolate they would melt when they thought that you had eaten enough and would provoke you to eat it or just to prank a friend or that you are eating metal.

Free transport:

This can make people want to leave their car at home and leave the word pollution in the bin.This is an idea that Germany has started to organise free transport for people who don’t think that spending money for public travel is worth it and decide to use their cars.

One of the easiest ways of free transport is using a bicycle or skate board,anything that doesn’t use petrol.

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