Is veganism something that isn’t so useful to end climate change?

In my opinion, well no. Being someone vegan, is bad for your health. It might be okay to be a vegetarian but being a vegan is worse than just that. You need all the protiens and dairies and carbohydrates to survive or have a healthy lifetime. Otherwise, you might turnout being quite weak in things you do in your lifetime.

However, after listening to what the 13 year old Argentinian boy was saying about becoming a vegan, I really did think of why he would miss out on such lovely food and miss out all the energy. Then I realised that he was right, and that being vegan actually is very useful to the planet.

After that, my BNC teacher was talking about how her family have meat only 3 times a week, and she also spoke about meat-free Monday. Then I thought we can make a difference without hurting ourselves or hurting the planet.

So next time your parents are cooking a meal, on a Monday, say that the Meal has to be meat-free!

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    22 Jul 2019

    You have made the assumption that you won't survive on a vegan diet, or be healthy. I would like to challenge this and ask how a vegan might respond to this.

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    1. Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg content_lemon | Boutcher C of E Primary School A | United Kingdom
      Olivia @ Topical Talk's comment 24 Jul 2019

      Although I am not a vegan, nor a vegetarian, I imagine that they would respond to @powerful_shark’s post by saying something like this:

      I feel as though being a vegan helps the planet and climate change immensely. This is because we are not using or eating anything that kills or hurts animals. You people are refusing to aid The Earth because of your own pleasure.
      Ok, maybe certain meats are a favourite of yours, and are what you prefer to eat, but those meats come from animals. For example, chickens. Most people I know simply adore the chicken meal. However, if we all slaughter these poor creatures, then there will be none left.
      Not only does that affect you (since you love chicken so much) but that affects the economy, since we sell both chicken and eggs. Eggs are a very important part of the English Breakfast. It’s tradition!

      Away from the logical side of things, and how I believe non-vegans are destroying the planet, I am hurt that you find our ways of caring for the Earth unhealthy, or that we won’t survive on such a diet. Vegans have found ways to eat food still packed with the vital nutrients needed to live. Seeing as you people are the ones whom are acting irresponsibly, I don’t feel you have such a right to simply assume that we have an unhealthy diet.
      No exaggeration. Veganism can save the world. For example, a vegan diet reduces energy consumption. This is because raising livestock costs a lot of energy. This is due to a wide range of factors including the fact that it takes a long time to raise animals; they consume a lot of food that was cultivated* on land that could have been put to other use; meat products need to be shipped and refrigerated and meat takes a long time to process from slaughterhouse to kitchen table.
      However, that is only one of the reasons veganism is for the safety of the planet. If I stated them all, I’d be here all day, and take up far too much space. Here are a few more, though: It purifies the air (plants clear the air), a vegan diet is healthier (all the nutrients you need--and probably don’t get enough of--are provided by a vegan diet. Fresh vegetables, fruits and other vegan staples are teeming with nutrients that meat just doesn’t provide).

      *meaning of cultivated – “prepared and used for raising crops; tilled”

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