Is Veganism The Climate Revolution?

Veganisim, the all new trend, the trend that goes from one to the other, the trend that people are unbelievably commited to. Is this the trend that will potentially save our planet? Is it even a trend anymore, is it cumpolsoury for everyone of any age to become vegan? Is it the climate change revolution?

One has to admitt that veganism is definitely gaining fame and popularity many vegans wear t- shirts that say things such as 'SAVE OUR PLANET', they feel very strongly that veganisim is helping Climate change and that it willl put a stop to the mega issue. I have invetigated this hot topic of veganism helping and saving our planet seeing as it particularly interests me and I am sure that many others feel this same way and would like to know more about the relation between Climate change and veganism.

Eighteen percent of the greenhouse gas emissions, in fact comes from livestock for food as you can tell when looking at the bigger picture livestock such as cows make a rather big impact to the issue of Global Warming. It is said that if we were to have an all new vegan world it would produce 49 percent less greenhouse gas emissions. This really is a rather big impact however, in some senses it could be seen as rather impractical. Would the whole world be really willing to go vegan and sacrifice so much, in many senses food is a rather key aspect to life in a persons day to day lifestyle. As the readers we also need to bare in mind that perhaps the source of which my statistics came from have even of been biused. So are they really trustful and authentic? As well as people believing that everyone going vegan and sacrificing so much is silly, one can also clearly and strongly argue that perhaps looking at the things as a bigger picture perhaps changing your shopping list is not so much of a big deal if it really is to make such a dramatic difference and change.

One can say that, the idea of veganism is rather absurd and stupid and evereyone should not feel preassured to become vegan and that there is no way on earth that everyone will take the commitment of cutting all food and even drinks out of their life, one can argue that everyone is to selfish. The idea of the world becoming vegan, from some peoples views could be identified as impractical and unrealistic, they could therefore say that for the lengths that people would take the results just aren't strong enough and big enough. Someone coukd ask that is the motion of veganism to entirely stop agriculture and get rid of all cows, is that therefore seen as animal cruelty? Or, is this statment entirely wrong is that not what veganism is leading up to, is the motion that vegans are meaning to set something different. Can you give your interpretation of what motion veganism is attempting to set in the comments section?

One can argue, that perhaps other ideas to put a stop to Climate change are more valid and will make more of a difference and therefore will be viewed as the climate change revolution rather that veganism. Ideas could be an example such as stopping the usage of plastic this could be recognised as more of an effective difference especially seeing as the government and higher authorities are taking the problam of over using plastic into their own hands and are trying to reduce the amount of plastic being used. The reasons as to how we know this, is because apparently at some point during 2020 the use of platic straws will have had to have stopped in the UK. Some big world wide companies are also hepling the motion of stopping palstic straws such as Mcdonalds. Does all of this mean that the reduction of plastic is the climate revolution.

What is more valid, the reduction of plastic or veganism, which one is the Climate revolution? Is the reduction of plastic more effective than veganism because big world wide companies are getting involved or is Veganism more effective seeing as it is now becoming a trend and spreading round? What is your take on things, what do you think can officially be called the Climate change revolution, is it neither the reduction of plastic or Veganism, or could it be something else? Put your thoughts and ideas, agreements or disagreements is the comment section.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    10 Jul 2019

    Well done. You've crammed this post with reasons and questions and shown great Burnet News Club skills!
    A few questions
    1. Where did you get your information from? Referencing your source is good practice
    2. Is it as simple as 'one or the other'? (plastic or animal products). Or do we all need to make less drastic, but multiple changes in our lives? Which would be easier?
    3. You say that veganism is an all new trend. While it is right to say it's popular, a vegan diet is not new. Can you research the history and does this change your perspective on how it is viewed today?

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  • Arnhem-Wharf-logo-250x250.jpg artistic_opinion | Arnhem Wharf Primary School
    10 Jul 2019

    I think that veganism is a very good option. However I do agree, but I doubt it a bit. Could you give me some more example like what veganism is good for? E.g your health and it helps with anxiety.

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      artistic_opinion's comment 10 Jul 2019

      I think you can research that further!

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  • Morley-Newlands-logo-250x250.jpg understanding_squirrel | Morley Newlands Academy | United Kingdom
    11 Jul 2019

    I ike the way that you said that you do not have to become vegan

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  • Highdown-logo-250x250.jpg serious_badger | Highdown School
    02 Oct 2019

    I think its great that this post is in no way pressuring, it makes people feel more comfortable with the concept of veganism. I do believe that it is the way forward and it is possible but people have to be willing to make the change and cut off animal farming at the source as well as having to completely ethically change most drugstores and shops that use any animal products in their products. it would be a big change but definitely one worth taking. its just a question of; can we do it?

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  • Ormiston Sudbury Academy crafty_peach | Ormiston Sudbury Academy | United Kingdom
    11 Feb 2022

    I like it of how you think. So I think about veganism if everyone become it we will not have enough protein in them, while some people do want it. In conclusion I think anyone can be anything unless if we had to change we change.

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