Lets start again!


Pollution is a bad substance that causes us to have terrible breathing problems such as: renal failure, lung disease and athsma. The causes of pollution are: cars,buses,trains,airplanes and factories. Pollution breaks the ozone layer, letting more heat enter the earth and not letting it escape.

What can we do to prevent this?

Inorder to prevent this we can do many things. First we can make electric cars. These type of cars do not release gas like gas powered cars do. People are now making buses electric. Like the new number 12 bus in London. These buses are helpful because you can charge your phone whilst sitting for free! Or we can walk or cycle.

Secondly, we can rethink are ways of travelling. We don't always need to use cars etc. Like I said we can walk, cycle skateboard. We can just use public transport other than us using our cars. It is more fun to use a bike because you can fresh air and exercise.

It is hard to make a change in your life style, but this could help the earth and how we live. What else can we do?

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