My climate campaign


I want to reduce emmisions and I will focus on industries . It is a problem for me because 51% of all emmisions come from factories and businesses making them the most lethal cause of the green house effect.

This is important to me because when I am an adult me and my generation (if we dont take action) will be affected the most and our children might not know what a polar bear is! I feel upset because thousands of animal and plant species will die due to humans stupidity.

I might to give up throwing away furniture and will try to fix instead. Although I don't think this is a sacrifice because we are actually giving and shaping a life of our children and grandchildren.

I think most people can help and use my solution ; some less fortunate families won't have the tools to repair used furniture but hopefully people will open up more charity shops localy so everyone can use them.

I thought of this action because it is easy and simple and factories will produce less ( this might sound bad but its worth risking for our planet) and less emission gases will be produced. Im going to try speaking to my MP to get the idea out to open more charity shops and I will try and repair things instead of throwing them away.

Me and my MP might face denile from the government or no one will listen to our solution. I will try and overcome these barriers by going on strike making a campaign allying with Greta Thunberg so I will get extra support.

If everyone would do this we woukld save millions of species from dying out and climate change green house effects would be a thing of the past. I will know my action was a success when the EARTH IS SAFE is declared on the news and approved by scientists.

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