My Climate Change Campaign


My Climate Change Campaign:

Do You Really Want To Be The End To Our Dear Planet?

Transport, especially in the big cities, such as London (where I live), is a big problem. There are so many vehicles that are adding to the world’s pollution rate. This is important to me, and an issue I feel I need to address, because each day I walk to and from school, I inhale the toxic fumes from the passing cars on the busy main road nearby.

Although I am complaining, I too am adding to the pollution levels not only in London but in the whole world, much to my disgrace. I have a diesel car in which I go to most places. I, of course, do not wish to destroy my planet, but I understand those, like the elderly and the sick, who simply have no choice. They can’t exactly walk to far places, or cycle, can they?

I want immediate individual action.

Individual action is important because perhaps if one person decides to do well, and stops, other people will follow course wilfully. They will make the difference that we need.

I’m going to take action by insisting on making sure I don’t use a car; trains or buses – even persuading my dad to get me a bike instead. Or, I might try to convince my parents (using me reasoning skills) to trade in our old car for a new, electric one; possibly trading them in.

Why this type of action? – because I have many contacts; friends, family, so maybe if I start a new thing, they will follow in my footsteps. Even if it’s just small things, like not using cars, and walking or cycling to near places. I could try to convince them that this is for the greater good.

In the past, this has worked. Many people are seeing clear every day now; swapping diesel cars for electric ones; boycotting public transport; attending protests etc.

However, like everything. I will face barriers and challenges. I go to distant places (distant as in different countries, and shopping centres out of London). I‘m not too sure if my parents will be happy if I refuse to go. Especially since I am only 10 years old, a child. But I will try to make my family see clear, telling them that I am doing good – even though they may disagree.

If everyone did this, then there will be an immense decrease in our Planet’s pollution levels. This will be on account of everyone! And to add to that, people will have that good feeling they have been missing; “I’ve helped to not pollute the planet!”

I will know that my actions have been successful when I see that people are willingly refusing to go on any type of transport in which will harm our planet Earth; switching to bicycles. When people have seen clear, I know I have been successful.


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