My climate change campaign


My campaign would tackle the problem of waste being dumped in the ocean, by deploying a range of submarines that could filter the water for micro-plastics.

This is important because it would preserve the sea-life that are already largely endangered so that the future generations to enjoy.

We as average citizens would struggle as we do not have access to such technology, but if we gain the help of the army or the navy it could be possible.

The way we could get attention from the governments and the army is to maybe protest against them or negotiate with them this would prove effective as it would get the attention of them, and then strike a deal with them. The problematic aspect would be if the government didn’t accept our negotiation, and just ignored us, but we will keep trying, and fighting for the planet until they cooperate, and help us.

We would need the cooperation of many people, but nowadays that should not be a problem as many people agree that climate change is a serious issue.

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