My Emissions Campaign

For my campaign I would like to reduce the amount of fuel used by humans for transport. 28.9% of our emissions come from transport. It may not seem like much like much compared to the other emissions but its still a lot of carbon emission. Using electrics cars reduces exhaust enissions which are harmful to the planet. It may cost more money but it would mean a lot to future generations. Also, we could take planes, trains or ships as much. People would need to be quite dedicated because it would make long journeys take a long time but it would make a big difference.

The government could stop the making of diesel petrol cars and make a lot more electric cars instead. Even better, we could invent robots that do it for us. This would also mean that there would be less emissions from factories too. Also, to get the governemt's attention, there could be protests to promote the problem. This would most likely mean that the government will help reduce carbon emissions. This is what I want to do to tackle climate change.

Thank you for reading