My letter to Andrea Jenkyns regarding CO2 emissions


For my final piece, I decided to write a letter to my MP. I am going to send one off first. If she replies then I will write my letter to her answering her questions and include a petition which will have signitures from people who want to reduce CO2 emmisions. However, if she doesn't reply I will sent her the petition alone. Below, there is the first letter that I am going to send to her.

Dear Andrea Jenkyns,

Recently there has been a stark rise of carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, I am writing to inform you of the vexation and troubles that it brings people. Furthermore, I would like to share with you changes that I want the government to make in order to reduce these emissions.

Every year ( world wide ) we produce 24 billion tonns of CO2 and in 2017; in the UK alone, there was estimated to be 366.9 million tonnes of it produced. This is an atrocious amount and it disgusts me to think that not many people are doing things about it. Individually, there are many things we could do. For example: using solar pannels; use public transport and eat less red meat. However, I believe that the government could contribute more towards this issue. For example they could help with factories producing less carbon dioxide and also, recently I had seen something about all of the UK's plastic recycling being sent to other countries. They are in gargantuan landfills; they effect the people there which isn't fair as we are the ones creating the problem. I am not saying that the UK should suffer, instead I am proposing that we should find other ways to use up the plastic. Another large change that is happening is the production of technology to stop these emissions.

Trees. They are a very powerful piece of technology. Per tree they absorb 13 pounds of it each year. You may be aware of the search engine Ecosia, "the search engine that pants trees." I have used this many times and it is very effective. However, trees cannot do all the work. After all, it is people creating the emissions. Shell has produced a piece of technology such as Canslov SO2 and CO2 capture. It absorbs these gases and then they reuses them to make more fuel. Nontheless, once again I believe that the government could do better. They could make it a legality to have these somewhere in the UK. They could increase the amount of renewable energy sources such as solar pannels and wind turbines. I have seen these on train journeys ,but myself and many others want to see more. Trees are still amazing ways to reduce CO2 though.

At my school we are aiming to plant more trees in our green spaces. Many people should start planting trees as well. Perhaps, in their garden. This is one of the things that individual people could do, but there are more efficacious things that the government can do. The goverment could aim to decrease the amount of tropical deforestation. This could be by creating stricter laws as many companies are still getting away with it. Linking to environmental theme, ice caps are beginning to melt. This has it's effect on animals and humans. And one of the causes of this is global warming which is caused by CO2 emissions.

Better recycling, technology and trees. These are some of the ways that the government could reduce CO2 emissions. I believe that inividual people have the power to change climate change; however, the government could make a larger change to policy and the UK. I have written to you to raise awareness to the government. I anticipate your reply.

Yours sincerely,


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  • The-Ruth-Gorse-logo-250x250.jpg spirited_ant | The Ruth Gorse Academy | United Kingdom
    09 Oct 2019

    I highly agree with you! We are producing way to much carbon dioxide and people don't seem to care. Yes, people can eat less red meat and try to not use cars and other transport that create that gas. When you think about it if we don't stop humans could be gone by 2100!

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