My opinion on Global warming


Global warming

the two words that rain down shock

the problem is that soon things are going to turn for the worst

Humans, animals and plants will no longer be able to survive

like an appocolypse of poison it will attack us

maybe sooner than expected

maybe later

but if we as a world of great mined people could pull together a solution

we could stop the pollution

youth is the futre

I'm sorry do I need to repeat that one more time

I can say it again thats fine

as long as it takes to get your attention towards the futre

us kids

we can make a difference if there is enough of us

this world crisis is critically going to affect us and even more our next generation

we are the ones who are going to take the downfall

well guess what

that is our wake up call

I'm not saying you to go on strike every day or feel like you have to help

I'm saying that you can do anything big or small

you could make a blog, a poster or a commitment

absolutley anthing

Brave, coragous, self- confident and free

thoughtful and kind is what we should aspire be...

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