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It was a couple of years ago, in my old school, when we were learning about the climate emergency.

I had a brilliant idea and then next day we were designing posters, printing them and photocopying them a hundred times.

We thn went out - during school time - and went round the local area, hanging up posters for everyone to see. Many people started asking us questions about why we were doing. This one person asked me something that I thought was very interesting.

He said "What are you children doing?"

we said

"we are hanging up posters to protest against climate change and to make sure that the public are aware of whats happening!"

"but you guys are just kids. What do you know aboit climate change. Anyway, what would happen to people who did nothing"

"what do you mean"

"I mean, if only some counties are part of the cause, why are other countries getting involved and not them. "

"Other countries are getting involved because they are going to be affected "

But then something hit my head. I thought about countries like china. They are producing thousands of millions of carbon emissions but everyone is going to suffer.

What can we do to get other countries involved and aware of climate change?

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