My view on China Final Piece


When we were doing our club we were looking at the amount of carbon emissions that countries around the world produce. We were shocked when we saw China's emmisions they were sicnificantly more than all the other countries and then we wondered why. A classmate mentioned about all China's factories and that they produce alot of carbon emissions. Then that got me thinking. Is it just China who want those goods or is it the whole world who want those good

China produces alot of goods for example tv's, computers, clothes and shoes and many more items. So if China stopped working the whole world will run out of goods that are produced there. China has alot of those factories so we are getting goods from them. If the Uk had these factories our pollotion would also be similar. So we cant blame china they just somehow happend to have all these factories and without them some items wouldnt have existed.

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