natural climate change


Natural climate change is caused by: volcanc eruptions; changes in the sun's energy;and changes in the earth orbit. Greenhouse gases also make the earth warmer. They trap heat from the sun. Greenhouse gases are like a blanket covering the earth. It started in the 1700's.

Humans started to build more things: We burn coal to make eletricity; We burn oils to make are cars and planes move; We use chemicals to make thing;. We cut doown lots of trees; We burn gas to cook food; and we dump alot of trash on landfills. All of these create greenhuse gases.

Remember the 'blanket over the earth', well it has become much thicker over the time because of humans. When I get hot, I sweat. I even get dizzy. Imagine the earth because it's hotter, glaciers and ice sheets are melting.Seas are rising. Storms are getting stronger. Some places are getting drier. Even the sea is getting warmer. All living things are in danger.

So what should we?

We need to change the way we live so we can stop releasing so much greenhouse gases. That way the 'earth'sblanket' will go back to normal. We alsoneed to be ready for what climate change will bring.

In December 2015 there was a big meeing of nations. They met in Paris to say how each cuntry can help. Their decision decided the 'future' of the earth, our home.

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