Our house is on fire.


Greta Thumberg made a speech on the 25/01/19 to say that ' Our house is on fire.'

In 2018 Greta skipped a day of school and protested, alone. She sat outside parliament and waited until they would listen to he about the problem we are all facing; climate change. SInce then, children from all over the world have done the same as Greta. Skipping school and protesting. Many people have been inspired by the girl and have taken the time to respect her.

Greta Thumberg is also an insparation for autistic people as she is autistic herself.

The speech Greta performed, personally, is a very true and very worrying statement. She roughly said, " Our house is on fire, we call the fire brigade and they put out the flames instantly. Why aren't we putting out the flames of the world. We have less than 12 years until this tragedy is unfixable.This is the greatest challenge that Homo Sapiens have faced."

I think that this speech has to be forfilled. Wouldn't it be devastating that we knew that there was nothing be could to to help our dying planet. We need to make a change.

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