Paper or plastic?


The question above might seem a bit silly. PAPER or PLASTIC??? But, when looking deeper into seeing how they're made, maybe this question may seem a bit less stupid...

Paper or plastic? Paper hands down!!!

Really? Plastic is polluting our oceans and harming ever so many animals. Plastic pollution is a terrible thing, and paper is one of the ways we can prevent it. It takes 500 years for a plastic spoon to break down, that is, if no hungry animals choke on it when the mistake it for food. Paper is great and can be recycled and can break down easily. We need the things made out of plastic and paper is one of the most amazing and reliable alternatives. Without people using paper, we would be stuck!!! Paper is used ofr lots of things and I'm sure that if it were doing any harm, it would have been announced by now. Paper is really an amazing discovery and alternative to plastic.

Hang on! What about paper's pollution?

Paper, also harms our enviroment. Trees need to be cut down, animal homes are destroyed, and our plantet looses out on the good air it brings. Plastic is bad, but we are always finding alternatives. "Biodegradable plastic" is the name given to compostable plastics that we can use instead of chopping down trees and polluting our oceans. Biodegradable plastics are plastics derived from renewable biomass sources, such as vegetable fats and oils, corn starch, straw, woodchips, food waste. Paper isn't really that much better and brings its own problems.

My opinion.

I believe that every product, every piece of food, every alternative brings its own problems. I think that some alternatives are better than others, and paper is one of the worse ones. If, however, when the paper is made, it says something like...

"For every tree we cut down, we plant town more!!!"

Then they may not be as bad!

But products like biodegradable plastic is great and much better for environment. Maybe in the future we can look into biodegradable plastic as the most used alternative.

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