Picture = What we do to our Planet

This image portrait Earth as a human. It shows what we do to it and how we harm it.

I drew this, because it shows what little differences can do.

This describes that when we throw plastic away, it doesn’t just disappear. It gets caught in the most unexpected places, and does severe damage to our Earth. Animals can suffocate, try eating it ( they don’t know what it is) and end up in extreme problems.

This shows that when we use factories-shown in full image- it causes smoke to rise in the air. Smoke is usually warm, so too much of it can melt the ice completely. Wiping out polar bears. This causes extreme damage, global flooding and even drowning.

This shows how we’re losing our earth in some form. It has one shoe missing, to show it’s not complete. We destroy it, so it’s original state will soon be gone. If we act fast, it can slip it’s shoe back on and out planet will be complete.

I hope you enjoyed this and understood my reasoning behind each detail. Our earth is going, we need to act fast.

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