Profit vs Nature


We've been told by adults that our future is bright. And by the very same people, that nature is suffering.

Instead of producing eco-friendly products, big industries (and the small ones) choose the cheaper, artificial and toxic materials involving harsh chemicals dangerous to the environment. And why? All under the name of profit.

Mass production industries are killing the Earth.

I searched up "Why do big industries use toxic products?", and found numerous results, even about food. For instance, an article from The Guardian states that some companies use some sort of substance that adds 21 days to the fruits shelf life. People use pesticide, which keep vermin away from the fruits that may sell well, and even wax them - just to look good.

So, really, these companies simply treat the Earth as a dustbin, or sewage.

It's all "greed for this, greed for that. More profit, more money". It's like some sort of race - who gets more, and who's at the top.

Even at my maturity level, as a 10-year-old, I can see that they are damaging their own future; their kids future; our future. Why can't they see this? Why can't they comprehend the fact that there is no Planet B for us to run away to?

Some images that I come across make me close to tears, and even leaves me in despair and hoplessness. Albatrosses getting tangled in nets; birds getting soaked to the skin in oil being leaked from big boats. Even in a kids programme, they mentioned climate change when they showed people illegally using the ocean as a dumping site for cans of oil, and one of the fastest fishes on Earth being slowed down because of the oil trapped in their gills.

How do you, personally, feel when you see a starving polar bear? When you see sea turtles and other endangered species eating plastic, then starving to death because of not being able to sense if they are hungry or not?

China is on the very top of the list when comparing the top polluting countries in the world, and that's for sure. Being the world's most populated country, it has a massive export market. Many, including myself, wil agree that all the industries and waste are dangerous to the planet's health and safety. Furthermore, more dioxide is ommited from China than any other country in the whole world.

We all say "health and safety is key", and stuff like that for ourselves - why not the Earth as well? If anything, we should be looking out for it more.

Number 2 on the list is the U.S.A (because of it being the world's biggest industrial site), then India (despite them having a law protecting air quality since 1981!). Next on no. 4 is Russia, and finally (another similar one!) Japan.

There is such a thing as "disposable culture". We use it, we throw it away; we use it, we throw it away, and so the cycle repeats. It's really just as if we are killing Mother Nature with our very own hands.

New model cars, new model phones, new model computers, upgraded this, upgraded that - then the rest ends up dumped in poor countries like wastelands.

Do we really need all of this? Or are our eyes bigger than our needs?

Does "everyone" need a car to get to work or school? Or can't we just cycle or walk? Even Public Transport is a better option.

Do we really have to be fashionable? Can't we just be reasonable, and produce eco-friendly products instead of teflon, or polyester products?

We've been told our future is bright. Is it really?

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