Reasons why we should stop: Global Warming


Global Warming:

We need to stop Global Warming fast! If we don't start now, it will maybe be never. So lets start with a casual thing that everyone needs.


For example, lets say air conditioners, everyone needs air conditioners maybe the reason is it's realy hot or it's cold, either way you need an air conditioner in my opinion! There's a saying 'Air-conditioners do great good, but at a high environmental cost!' Quite true if you think about it. Air-conditioners are helpful technology but they are very bad for the environment and are one of the main causes of Global Warming!

Other main causes of Global Warming is importantly Agricultural livestock, such as a cow, from which we get our precious milk.You might be thinking what can this harmless creature do?! Well it's for sure another enviromental cost! When a cow releases gas (burps or farts), it releases methane into the air. Methane is a gas, where one molecule of methane contains one carbon atom that is surrounded by four hydrogen atoms. Although, it is a common fuel source, if it leaks before being used, methane absorbs the sun's heat. This warms up the atmosphere like carbon dioxide and therefore, it is considered a greenhouse gas, which is a gas that contributes to greenhouse effect on our planet.

Ultimately, the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions is from human activities; by burning fossil fuels for heating, transportation and electricity. This is why we should work together to reduce this emission to protect our planet.

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