Should public transport only come when needed?


Public transport is very useful for everyone - it saves them driving, it saves them walking, and it saves them cycling a long way. However lots of the time it's empty, and the driver drives that long way with either just you, a few people, or no one at all. People can easily get the tube that would be busier. But bosses need money to run at all. So, should we go for a practical world, or a saved one?

If we were to make a decision and only have busses when needed, like a public taxi, one idea would be to call the driver at the bus stop, and he would take you and other people going a similar way over there.

We need public transport!!!

Most people rely on public transport to get around. Whether they're old, injured, visiting or lost, they need an expert conceive them, for a price. Busses are doing a lot for our planet, by letting everyone come on and twenty people are on one bus, rather than twenty cars polluting our environment. When you're visiting somewhere new, it is unbelievably useful to just hope on a bus to take you home, rather than call hundreds of numbers only to find you asked for the wrong bus. Bus drivers are happy as they are - they get paid - and often turn off when waiting at tragic lights. We couldn't manage without them.

We need to STOP empty transport from moving.

What is the point of a bus that runs all the way to the other end of town and back with only a few passengers, who Could've be easily walked a bit further, it caught the bus that was in front of it, going a similar route. Having fewer busses would help people to become more for and healthy as they would walk instead of get the bus. Busses could be called by a few people who were going a long way, and (maybe an app would tell you when the next bus was coming) and you'd be on your way. Especially in somewhere like London, where the traffic is bad, having fewer busses would make it easier for the busses being used to get around more easily. This would, if course, be a long turn projects, but the little we can do could make a big difference.

My opinion.

I believe that although doing what we can is a great mentality, busses are useful and regular options are great. However, maybe rather than having a bus every five, ten minutes would help us, rather than the busses that come every two or three minutes like in London. People who are older might find it hard to get around, but surely having busses only slightly less frequent would help our environment very much.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    25 Jun 2019

    I wonder to what extent this is a 'London issue'. Can people from other parts of the country share their experiences of public transport? Do the same problems occur? Would it be possible for this idea to be rolled out in different parts of the country?

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