Should we be more respectful of leaders?


As citizens of the UK, we have a right to protest and say what we think, as long as our protests aren't violent or dangerous. However, when making our voices heard, to get our points across, we can sometimes become a bit unkind or disrespectful tobpeto people in power. But should something be done to stop this, or are we done to say what we think.

Our opinion, our choice of words.

We discussed this on BNC live day - freedom of speech is important and by stopping or arguing against people who are saying what they think, as offensive as they are, is not right . Imagine having to keep every opinion and bad though about them to yourself? It would be treason to speak against people in charge!!! Can you bear to think of that? Without protesting, even if it is a little impolite, people in charge would have so much power and so much importance that it would feel like a dictatorship, or a dictatorship of a few people. How would that feel? People only protest if those leaders are doing something wrong, so by protesting we are asking them, even helping them, to put that thing right.

No, be respectful to world leaders.

People are often voted into power, chosen by the people (although not always!) We can say what we think, but maybe a new rule about respect should be placed. People in power WOULD BE TRYING THEIR BEST!!! Their best!!! Their best is all they can do, and unless some of these protesters would like to go into the office and make world changing decisions, could they do it without making a single mistake? If course, protesting is just one way to saying what you think, writing letters, asking in small groups, or saying what you think in groups like BNC are much better ways of sharing your opinion. Even empty threats should be banned.

My opinion.

I think that protesting is fine, in big or small groups, but any threat of any form of violence should be reported. People in power are only humans and should be treated like them. To be respectful is a great skill and everyone should be respected. REALLY, they should be thinking...

  • What what are they doing already?
  • How well would I deal with that?
  • How can I help them?
  • How would I feel if everyone was like that to me?

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