SORRY- Climate change story


A few weeks before we started this topic, I wrote a story called sorry about the effects of climate change. I wanted to share it with you and share the changes I have made.

Dear reader,

Well, if you have picked up this book, all I can say is sorry. The world is in ruins, the species are dead and the rainforest is nonexistent. Recklessly, we have demolished our home- our beautiful, brilliant home. As I write this, people are still chopping down trees, wasting energy, polluting this Earth. Slowly, the human race will die out and to the children I apologise for the mess we have made. Let me tell you how this began.

1st July 2019

Two months earlier, the government classed this as a Climate Emergency. They said things would change. It didn't. For the two months before this, their sole focus had been on Brexit. On this day, their ignorance showed.

The world woke up. They looked out of their windows; however, no one could see anything. All that was in sight was a dark blackened mist. Confused, many people opened their windows. That was a mistake. London was filled with the sound of coughs. Then, an even louder noise erupted through the city as everyone slammed their windows shut.

You see, the world had used too many fossil fuels. The darkness had slowly been building up until it became an opaque walll. Gloomy and dull, the area looked like how we imagined the Victorian era.

But of course instead of trying to reverse our actions, we acted like the selfish, uncaring race we are. The world saw this as a business venture - something to be taken advantage of. Popular companies started selling "gas masks" for high end prices and others started producing chemicals that would "clean the air". It was disgusting,disgraceful. Our poisonous attitude was spreading and those who once fought to prevent this disaster stopped caring.

12th December 2045

Stubborn and ignorant, we were still continuing to avoid the problem. On this day, something happened to make everyone sit up straighter. The Amazon Rainforest, the lungs of the world, had been the victim of a wildfire. Now, this wasn't because of a match being thrown on the ground:this was because the air was dry and warm enough to begin a fire. No more was the Amazon Rainforest the lungs of the world: now the lung of the world.

By this point, a small collection of people had awoken to the horrors yet I am ashamed to say I hadn't. I still sat in my office thinking about all my insignificant worries. If only I had done something. If only I had tried to prevent these awful consequences.

3rd May 2056

On this date, I finally realised that something was wrong. That the Earth needed our help. On this date, the first major flood to take place in England happened. The ice caps had melted too much. Coastlines were drenched in warm water and many died. Around the circumference of Britain, forty miles inland sunk under sea.

Families crying, friends hugging, people dying- that was the result of the chaos we had caused on Earth. Lives severly damaged- like dolls broken by others destruction. But we were not dolls. We were humans, who could think, for all it did us. The flooding had awoken me from a dream and brought me back to reality.

Present day (2070)

As I am 81, I decided to tell the future generations of what us humans had done . We had ruined their futures, crushed their dreams before they had even began. So, if you are the future of this world, I am sincerely sorry for the mess we have left you to clean up. I'm sorry you will have to wake to the air being filthy, I'm sorry you will have extreme weather frequently. But, do you know the thing I'm most sorry for? I'm sorry that I had the chance to change things and I threw it away. I'm sorry that I was England's Prime minister from 2043-2052 and I did nothing to stop this. For that, I am truly sorry.

End of story!!!

Now that we have started the subject ofClimate Change, I would change a few things about this. Firstly, I would make the fossils fuels making the air black more gradual and less noticeable. I would do this because this sort of thing does not happen instantly. Also, I would make the wildfire take out more of the rainforest as fire burns down a woods or forest very quickly. I also would have added that some of the trees were already destroyed by deforestation.

I would also like to add that this may not happen and a lot of exaggeration took place (in case anyone is worried).

Let me know what you think in the comments below!!!

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